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What is TomoZ

TomoZ is a protocol to issue tokens based on the TRC21 standard. TomoChain’s TRC21 allows users to pay the transaction fee with the same TRC21 token they are already using. Thus, users can focus on maximizing the frictionless experience when using your issued TRC21 token.

Why issue a TRC21 token on
TomoChain Blockchain?

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Frictionless experience

Send TRC21 tokens without having to hold native TOMO to pay fees.
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TomoX listing

TRC21 tokens can apply to be made available for listing on any TomoX DEX. Actual listing is based on each DEX’s respective policy.
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Fast transactions

2-Second confirmation times.

Use cases

  • TRC21 Wrapped Tokens, issued by TomoBridge, introduce native blockchain assets like BTC and ETH into the TomoChain ecosystem. They can be traded on DEXs powered by TomoX and included in other DeFi applications. All gas fees are taken in the tokens themselves without the need of holding TOMO.

  • Triip is a blockchain-based travel platform, Shark Tank alumnus, and the first ICO on TomoChain. Users can book tours and staycations using their TomoZ issued “TIIM” tokens.

  • The Coin98 mobile app is powered by TomoChain token "C98" and has accrued over 100K users. C98 is used to purchase products, play games, and redeem for services. Coin98 is a prime example of how mass-market friendly TomoZ issued tokens can be.

  • BitOrb is a derivatives exchange for high-frequency trading that launched an ICO on TomoChain and issued their native token, "ORBYT" using the TomoZ Protocol. The Orbyt Token provides token holders with a discount on trading fees and a share of the company’s net profit.

  • Mongolia's first cryptocurrency exchange. AIS established a business affiliation with the National Investment Bank of Mongolia to operate legally under the laws of Mongolia. AIS's native exchange token is issued using the TomoZ Protocol.


TomoIssuer Features

TomoIsuer is a smart contract that allows any user to issue a TRC21 token in minutes without
any requirements on programming skills.

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User-Friendly Interface

Issue a TRC21 token in only a few steps

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Token Customization Options

Customize the token supply, token name, and minimum transaction fee through TomoIssuer's dashboard

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No Coding Experience Required

No prerequisite knowledge about smart contract programming is needed.

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Donate TOMO for TRC21 transaction fees

Any token holders can deposit more TOMO to the TomoIssuer contract to continue making transactions


Frequently asked questions

What problem does TomoZ solve?

TomoZ removes the friction of having to hold native blockchain coins/tokens to send to other wallets or to interact with Dapps. Issuing TRC21 tokens with TomoZ, users will have a smooth experience without even knowing that they are using the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

What is the difference between the TRC21 and TRC20 token standards?

TRC21 is an on-chain token standard integrated within the TomoZ protocol. TRC21 is an extension of the TRC20 smart contract token standard that allows fees to be paid for by the token itself. The TRC20 standard requires token holders to pay for transaction fees with the native TomoChain blockchain token (TOMO).

How does the TRC21 token affect the native TOMO token?

It is important to note that TRC21 tokens do not affect the role of the native TOMO token within TomoChain. Ultimately, all fees are paid for in TOMO behind the scenes. The TRC21 standard merely relieves the end-user of the responsibility to hold TOMO and shifts it to the token issuer instead. By removing this key point of friction, TomoChain opens up many new avenues on the path to mass adoption of blockchain technology.

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