TomoSwap — The first decentralised exchange platform on TomoChain

TomoSwap Introduction

TomoSwap will play as the transactional layer to allow assets on TomoChain to be converted seamlessly between end users and other applications.

TomoSwap is motivated by KyberNetwork protocol — a well-known on-chain liquidity protocol built on Ethereum which “allows instant exchange and conversion of digital assets and cryptocurrencies with high liquidity”. Suitable modifications are added to TomoSwap to be compatible with TomoChain platform as well as maximize its strengths.

Utilizing the competence of TomoChain network, TomoSwap promises a fast & secure way to swap tokens with near zero transaction fee.

Currently, there are Triip, MCash and TOMO available on TomoSwap and we expect more tokens to join us in the near future.

Main Features of TomoSwap v1.0

  • TomoSwap supports swapping between TOMO and a TRC20 token, or between pairs of TRC20 tokens. There is a cap for each transaction determined by the protocol and reserves. It is totally on-chain, TomoSwap does not hold any funds of users (or reserves), hence user’s tokens are secured from theft losses.
  • Market View shows current buy/sell rates of tokens over TOMO or USD. 24h change and token live chart will be added in the next versions.
  • Import wallet: Metamask and keystore are supported on the 1st stage. Private key, Trezor and Ledger will be added later.
  • TomoSwap allows users to transfer their assets to other addresses using Transfer feature by providing source token, amount and destination address.
  • Multiple languages support is based on your region. English-speaking region and Vietnam will be first supported.

Join us now

TomoChain welcomes you to issue your token on TomoChain and join TomoSwap to get benefits from fully trustless decentralized token swap system with nearly zero fee and closely instant confirmation time.

For business collaboration, please email to [email protected]

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