TomoChain teams up with Constant to bring first ever stablecoin to its platform

Constant is an alternative financial services platform powered by its namesake stablecoin — Constant. Constant is a borderless, stable currency that anyone can hold and send — pegged 1:1 with the USD, the world reserve currency. It opens up multiple financial opportunities to the underserved, underbanked and anyone fed up with the centralized sluggishness and exclusivity plaguing the current financial system. Constant offers global money transfers, p2p investment opportunities for lenders worldwide, and low interest crypto-backed loans for the Vietnamese crypto community and beyond.

“We’re excited to partner with TomoChain and leverage its remarkable processing speed, low transaction costs and advanced security. We’re looking forward to introducing Constant to TomoChain’s forward-thinking community, and demonstrating to its users the potential and multiple benefits of a stable cryptocurrency designed with a primary focus on utility.” said Duy Huynh, CEO, Constant.

In this strategic partnership, Constant will become the very first stablecoin built on TomoChain and will grant TomoChain users access to its multiple financial opportunities — such as p2p investment opportunities, friendlier loans, and global money transfers. Nevertheless, TomoChain & Constant will also explore possible tech integrations and marketing campaigns to promote community engagement that will greatly benefit both parties.

Long Vuong’s thoughts: We appreciate the works and speedy execution to bring a stable coin on TomoChain by the Constant team. Furthermore, Constant stable coin is backed by reputable financial, accounting and legal partners such as PrimeTrust, FDIC insurance etc. to ensure the piece of mind for the token holders. Some applications and services on TomoChain such as TomoSwap can have the option of using stable coin provided by Constant. In the future, we are looking forward to further collaboration with their stellar team of engineers and scientists to develop more financial products on TomoChain.

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