March 2019
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Released date: Mar 01, 2019

What’s new

– Integrate DEX with TomoChain Testnet

– Change exchange to centralization (temporary)

Released date: Mar 01, 2019

What’s new

Add Markets tab to keep track of price between base tokens and quote tokens

Released date: Mar 01, 2019

What’s new

– Convert exchange to centralization (temporary)

– Update layout of Exchange page followed latest design

Released date: Mar 01, 2019

What’s new

– Page Market

– UI design

Released date: Feb 25, 2019

What’s new

– Support TomoDice, parsing Payment events

– Add the Swagger API document

– Update get block signer finality

– Fix wrong paginate in the token holder

– Fix Wrong confirm message when update token info

Released date: Feb 13, 2019

What’s new

– Add capacity to voted candidate table

– Unvote all incorrect balance

– Hotfix resign by TomoWallet

– Button to filter to the status of masternodes: active, slashed, proposed, resigned

– Get “latest signed block” from tx

– Fix bug: Automatic logout when click the link in the success page

Released date: Feb 11, 2019

What’s new

– Change default gasPrice to 0.25 Gwei

– Correct peer on stats

– Fix bug: Tomochain: isMasterNode function gets a snapshot at parent block

– Stop grasping txs at checkpoint to accelerate the checkpoint producing speed

Released date: Jan 23, 2019

What’s new

– Add node name column in Reward Table

– Epoch List/Details

– Internal Transaction

– API Validation

– Fix bug

Released date: Jan 23, 2019

What’s new

– Support Trezor

– Refactor Tables (show full data)

– API Validation

– Add “Withdraw”, “Resign” Tx to Voter Transaction Table

– API document (Swagger)

Released date: Jan 16, 2019

What’s new

Cutting chain-data size growth down to 1GB per day

Fast processing checkpoint block, reducing fork

Released date: Jan 05, 2019

What’s new

– Add signed message when update token info

– Add masternodes submenu and show list of masternodes in masternodes page

– Improve API loading speed of account detail page

– Fix bug

Released date: Dec 12, 2018

What’s new

Prepare Genesis Block for Mainnet
Genesis will init:

– 55M TOMO for token holders
– 12M for team (4 years), will unlock 2×1.5M every year (Team MultiSig Wallet: 0x99)
– 16M for foundation (4 years), will unlock 2x2M every year (Foundation MultiSig Wallet: 0x68)
– First five masternodes will take 250K TOMO from Team MultiSig Wallet

Released date: Dec 10, 2018

What’s new

– Design checkpoint block on every epoch
– Create a new connection between peers to speed up in transmitting
– Design slashed status when a masternode fails to produce a block on his turn
– Configure a new set of masternodes at epoch

Released date: Nov 22, 2018

What’s new

– Block time optimization
– Adding penalty feature
– Adding a double validation layer
– Randomization implementation
– Remove reference to pow mining

Released date: Nov 13, 2018

What’s new

– Improve the candidate’s table

– Fix bug showing the incorrect candidate balance, over sign number…

Released date: Oct 03, 2018

What’s new

– Improve the loading screen

– Fixed a bug showing the voted candidate list

In Progress

Due date: Mar 31, 2019

What’s new

– Add APIs for Market maker team

– Add new APIs for price board menu

– Track the price of coins/tokens by USD in real time

Due date: Mar 01, 2019

What’s new

– Add TRC20 Txs tab in Address detail page

– Refactor tx count for an address

– Improve Epoch List Table

– Add slashed node tab in epoch detail page

– Fix bug 504 error

Due date: Mar 31, 2019

What’s new

– Ledger Wallet Integration

– Orderbook is scrollable, latest trade price at the center

– Integrate TradingView

Due date: Mar 10, 2019

What’s new

– Store “slashed” history

– Show expected rewards of a specific masternode if there is the amount of Tomo was voted on it in a period of time

– Add notification section and create a menu section below the profile icon

– Display only infrastructure reward of the masternode (exclude the masternode’s staking reward from current reward display)

Due date: Mar 15, 2019

What’s new

– Developing slashing 2.0

– Pruning current chain-data size from ~300GB down to ~50GB

– Including several bugfixes on chain performance

– Supporting TomoScan via two new APIs to get block finality and block validators separately

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