Hackathon – Building Dapp with TomoChain Recap.

Last Sunday, TomoChain Hackathon 2019 – co-hosted by TomoChain, Alpha Blockchain and Kambria – officially ended with an exciting workshop in HCMC, Vietnam. It was our great pleasure to meet with 32 talented developers and experienced trainers from Kambria and Alpha Blockchain. We crypto enthusiasts have had some lively discussion on TomoChain platform, decentralized application and what’s waiting ahead of the Hackathon. The training went smoothly and we all share the excitement about the future of blockchain and decentralized applications (d-apps).

TomoChain has been following its vision since day one. That is, to construct a strong blockchain ecosystem and foster worldwide use of the technology. We’ve come to realize that d-app is the key to mass adoption of blockchain, and have thus focused on this path for long. In a period of shortly 4 months after mainnet, TomoChain has been so active in organizing blockchain meetups and workshops here and there all over the world, from Vietnam to Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia…and more. Additionally, TomoChain has also hosted several hackathons to attract talented developers, with a hope to make the crypto community in Vietnam thrive. Be ready for another series of events this May as TomoChain’s first ever International Dappathon is still under its way, with the total winning prize mount up to $20,000! We’re very optimistic about Round 1 results, and are waiting for the next round’s submission from potential developers who has the capability to hold the future of blockchain.

Thank you for your participation in our HCMC workshop! Result of Top 5 best chosen dapp is now officially released:

TrExam – Blockchain in education: the team’s idea is to integrate blockchain into national/university examination to provide transparency and fairness by ruling out any manipulation on the examination results. Students participating in the exam will submit their answers to a smart contract, which ensures the no one can change the results once the exam has finished.

Nairbmak – Blockchain in healthcare: the project utilizes blockchain infrastructure to reduce data errors on Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) report conducted between Pharma corporations and users, thus increasing data interoperability between the patients affected by ADR, the hospitals, and the Pharma companies. A dual-token system is also introduced for incentivizing the actors to actively participate into the system.

Blarking – blockchain in parking: the team tries to solve parking lots scarcity in HCM city. Any individual or parking owner whose empty space is available can participate in the system by using smart contracts with TomoChain to make fast transaction with vehicle owners. TOMO is the native currency used in contracts.

CryptoGao – Collectible game on blockchain: more than cats in CryptoKitties, CryptoGao offers more NFT-based animals. Those animals can collect other in-game virtual tokenized items used later by players to join CryptoGao events, where they can enjoy different adventures and earn more in-game virtual items.

KeyCryptoCashback – another collectible game: the rule is similar to CryptoGao, except for how players can collect free in-game items. The game gives out free items to incentivize people to make transaction on TomoChain. The more the number of transaction an active TOMO holder makes, the more game items he/she can receive.


To those who haven’t made it to Top 5, keep on with the good work! We believe you all have what it takes, just another stroke of good luck, and there will always be chances around the corner. TomoChain’s Dappathon Round 2, 3 and the Grand Finale is still in progress! Remember to subscribe to TomoChain’s fanpage, website and telegram channel to get the latest update on our Dappathon.


Congratulations again to Top 5 TomoChain Hackathon 2019! We at TomoChain, Kambria and Alpha Blockchain are more than thrilled to support your ideas until the end! Good luck teams!