TomoChain Game Dappathon

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The First International
TomoChain Game Dappathon

Game Dappathon
Win a share of 20,000 USD*

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TomoChain is pleased to announce our first international blockchain gaming contest

We are inviting all developers, from anywhere in the world to join us in this event to build fun and creative games on the TomoChain blockchain

This contest is held online (so truly anyone can enter), and we aim to reach developers all around the world, who are interested in exploring Dapp development and explore how blockchain technology can revolutionize the gaming industry

  • Total prize pool is 20,000 USD, details to be announced soon
  • Have your game judged by leading blockchain and gaming companies

* Prizes will be awarded in TOMO, as per the USD equivalent.

This competition is held online. All activities, including registration and submission will be processed online.

For participants, experiences in at least one of the following topics are recommended (but not required):
  • Game development with popular frameworks and languages. Example: Unity, Cocos, and JavaScript
  • Blockchain knowledge and experience is a plus but not essential. If you are not familiar with blockchain development, our TomoChain engineers can guide you through building your first blockchain game/Dapp

Registration for the contest must be completed and submitted by 15 April. Developers can apply individually or as a team. There is no restriction on the number of team members per team

All development must be on the TomoChain blockchain (testnet, mainnet). Submission format is a video demoing your game. This video can be uploaded privately to any video hosting service such as YouTube, and included in your submission with a private link

The game will be scored based on these key areas:

  • Gameplay narrative & design

    Story-telling, game design concept, artwork, and overall style

  • Community support

    What is the community reception to your game?

  • Creativity

    Is your game concept original or creative? Does your game contain any interesting features or innovations?

  • Operation stability and Execution

    Is your game consistently playable and runs smoothly without bugs?

See below for a step by step tutorial on how to build a simple Dapp using solidity, and deployment on the TomoChain blockchain
Follow the tutorial

For more technical information on TomoChain, please refer to our documentation platform and our Github
Read the documentation

For developers interested in this competition, please join our Discord channel #gamecompetition
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