Introducing the Next Dapp Powerhouse— TomoChain

Now You Can Find TomoChain-based Dapps on

TomoChain is now supported by, the world’s largest dapp store and market analytics site. Decentralized applications that built on the Tomochain ecosystem will be showcased and ranked by’s metrics including their own ranking algorithm, number of users, trading volume, and more.

TomoChain is a cutting-edge solution to the scalability problems with Ethereum, in particular, and other current blockchain platforms. Now it is welcoming all interested parties to join TomoChain network, in every sense, including building decentralized applications to increase network expansion and reach mass adoption. TomoChain platform offers benefits like low transaction fees, fast confirmation times, and highly secured transactional system, so developers freely adopt our advanced technology and create their dapps at ease. is currently building the world’s largest App Store for decentralized apps (dapps). Their mission is to drive mass adoption for blockchain technology by allowing people to use dapps anywhere, anytime with confidence. Now users can explore and enjoy thousands of ranked blockchain games, social network, tools and more built on Ethereum, EOS, Steem, NEO, TRON, and TomoChain.

TomoChain is excited to partner up with in terms of dapps acceleration. Dapps built on TomoChain are encouraged to self-submit to be listed on to benefit from their excellent tools and vast, active community.

The Current State of TomoChain Dapps

The TomoMaster, which is the “home made” dapp by TomoChain itself and already has the tremendous growth. It has become the most popular with more than 30 million TOMOs locked in smart contract.

Currently, besides TomoMaster — TomoChain governance dapp, we are pleased to support dapps below:

  • Axie Infinity: A 5-star gaming dapp about collecting and raising fantasy creatures called Axie, with the fastest growing community. Players soon can play Axie on TomoWallet.
  • TOMO3D: Purchase T3D tokens with $Tomo and earn passive income everytime someone buy’s or sell’s T3D tokens via our built-in exchange.
  • TomoBuilding: Totally new-branded game on TomoChain where players purchase your own Tomo apartment or own the whole building for more rewards. Who’s gonna get a penthouse?
  • MaxBet: A new standard dice game run TomoChain. Instead of having a single host, there can be multiple hosts, namely stakers, staked into the gaming smart contract.
  • McashDice: Provably fair bets backed by transparent open-sourced contract.
  • TomoDice: The first dapp built on TomoChain in collaboration with Midas Protocol consists of 6 betting games and gains the highest total and daily volume.
  • TomoDome: TomoDome uses on-chain storage for your brand, each piece of land on TomoDome is tradable Non Fungible Token (NFT) with high resales value, settled autonomously by smart contract, showing the Tomochain Powerhouse.

What the Future Holds?

More dapps are expected to come and join TomoChain network via the upcoming gaming dappathon and business development.

“We‘ve seen a lot of blockchains struggled to expand their dapp ecosystem because of limit amount of userbase. And TomoChain has shown the potential to be the second largest dapp ecosystem with over 4.5 million mainnet accounts, only after Ethereum,” said Kyle, CEO of, “This is a strong new economy that everyone should pay attention to. We look forward to seeing great new projects launched on TomoChain.”

CEO Long Vuong shared: “I am very excited to collaborate with which features excellent interface, and comprehensive data about Dapp. As the dapp economy growing, is becoming a critical place for users to look for hot app of weeks, new airdrops, or to seek information about the health of the ecosystem. Dapp on TomoChain could have an excellent exposure to broader crypto communities via support for TomoChain.”