TomoChain — Contentos Partnership Announcement.

TomoChain — the most efficient public blockchain in SEA— offers the world a topnotch platform which is fast, scalable and totally decentralized. Contentosis a universal decentralized content ecosystem recently invested by Binance Labs, whose aim is to empower content creators with freedom to authenticate, produce and distribute content.

TomoChain and Contentos are collaborating to explore decentralized advertising, starting with DApp promotions. Driving forward with KOLs and an innovative platform, Contentos and TomoChain together will bring high quality blockchain products and content to users and our community.

”It is a great collaboration between top tier Blockchain projects and a new exploration of DApp promotions. Contentos is happy to work with TomoChain and help more global users to experience high quality Blockchain products.” Contentos Co-founder Mick added.

Contentos is a public blockchain project that aims to reinvent the global content value ecosystem. To give power and value back to independent creators and their fans, Contentos provides a decentralized platform for digital content, where content can be freely produced, authenticated of its copyrights, distributed, and transacted.