TOMOB is officially listed on Binance DEX.

The TomoChain team is thrilled to announce our listing on Binance DEX. Binance DEX will open trading for the TOMOB/BNB trading pair at 2019/07/07 03:00 AM (UTC).

On behalf of the TomoChain team, we would like to thank our vibrant community who voted for and supported our project to become listed. We have surpassed our target of 2M $TOMO to be swapped to TOMOB. At press time, there are 765 transactions with more than 2.1 million TOMO swapped via TomoBridge.

TomoChain ($TOMOB) trading competition on Binance DEX

To celebrate the successful launch of TOMOB on Binance Chain, we are setting up a trading competition to encourage trading activities in our community. This listing will be a great opportunity to add liquidity and brings attention to TomoChain technology.

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