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Staking TOMO 101: How it Works


Only 150 nodes can be elected as Masternodes on the network.


TOMO holders control which full-nodes can create, verify and validate new blocks on TomoChain’s platform.


Masternodes are elected by the TomoChain community, where TOMO holders vote for one or several Masternode Candidates by sending TOMO through a smart contract mechanism.

So Why Stake Your TOMO?

You will not only earn attractive rewards …

Coin locked (%)53%79%12%48%76%46%
Number of Validators15033272110036
Masternode annual ROI
up to
Staking annual ROI
up to
Set-up Complexityeasyeasyeasyhardhardeasy
Reward Frequencyapprox. 30 minutes2 days & 20 hoursdailydepends on fullnode ownersdaily7 days

…But will also play a role in ruling the system


Your Vote

Your Power

Masternode operators play a vital role in securing the TomoChain’s platform.
Vote for stable and well-performing Masternodes/Masternode Candidates.
Vote for the development of TomoChain's ecosystem.

Staking tutorial

Watch the videos below to learn more about TomoChain’s staking system

Staking with TomoMaster
TomoMaster – a decentralized governance dapp which provides a professional UI, allowing TOMO holders to stake for masternodes
Stake & Transfer your TOMO
from TomoWallet
Getting into TomoChain’s ecosystem with an all-in-one application. Begin your journey in staking with TomoWallet

Stake with TomoMaster

Stake with TomoWallet

Other platforms where you can stake your TOMO:

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What is Block Time?

Block time is the time needed to create a block. The targeted block creation time on TomoChain is 2 seconds. It means that, in a perfectly efficient network, one new block would be created every 2 seconds.

What is an Epoch?

An epoch is an iteration of 900 blocks. In theory, an epoch happens every 30 minutes (900 * 2 seconds). So if event X is due to happen in 4 epochs, it should happen in approximately 2 hours.

What is the capacity of a Masternode Candidate?

The capacity of a Masternode Candidate, shown in TomoMaster, corresponds to the number of votes committed to that Masternode Candidate. This value includes the initial 50,000 TOMO needed to initiate a Masternode Candidate status. Each TOMO staked towards a Masternode Candidate equals one vote for it.

What is a Masternode in the TomoChain ecosystem?

Masternodes are full-nodes that create, verify and validate new blocks in TomoChain’s platform.

What is a Masternode Candidate

Masternode Candidate: Any account can deposit 50,000 TOMO using the official on-chain governance dapp to become a Masternode Candidate. A Candidate becomes a Masternode when it belongs to the top 150 most voted Candidates in an epoch.

Which Masternode(s) should I vote for?
  • As a general rule, you can optimize your staking rewards by voting for Masternodes with lower capacity (having fewer votes) because the reward for every Masternode is constant. If more people vote for the same Masternode, the reward is divided among more people and therefore one vote receives fewer rewards. 
  • That being said, never forget that if a Masternode Candidate is not among the 150 most voted, it loses its Masternode status and automatically stops earning rewards, which includes rewards for its Voters. If the Masternode falls out of the top 150 and cannot get back in, you will need to unvote and wait for 96 epochs (approx 2 days) to be able to vote again. During this process no rewards will be earned.  Though the rewards can be higher, when voting for lower-ranked Masternodes, you need to check more often to ensure they are still in the top 150.
  • Voting for higher-ranked nodes will earn fewer rewards but can be safer. You will not need to spend much time checking the Masternode status. 
  • Even if voting for a poorly performing Masternode could generate more rewards than voting for a well-performing Masternode, the better a Masternode performs, the better is the overall health of the network. Therefore, voters should also consider voting for Masternodes which are fully capable and committed to the overall health of TomoChain’s ecosystem in the long-run.
What are the incentives to run a Masternode?

Masternodes contribute to the network, and receive block rewards for the work performed. The rewards likely exceed the cost of running the infrastructure.

When are rewards paid out?

Rewards are paid out every epoch (approx. 30 minutes).

How long will my tokens be locked after unvoting?

You can un-vote from a Masternode whenever you wish to, but the tokens will be locked for the next 48 hours (86,400 blocks) after un-voting. This locking period is designed to promote the stability of the Masternode system.

How can I check my Masternode Staking rewards?

You can check your Masternode staking rewards using TomoWallet.   Alternatively, you can use TomoMaster or TomoScan.

If I run a Masternode/Masternode Candidate, how long will my tokens be locked after I resign it?

You can resign from being a Masternode/Masternode Candidate whenever you wish to, but the 50,000 token deposit will be locked for the next 30 days (1,296,000 blocks) after the resignation. This locking period is designed to promote the stability of the Masternode system.