The TomoChain Bounty - TOMO Hunting Season has begun!

To our current community and those new to TomoChain,

It has been nearly 2 months since the launch of TomoChain testnet 2.0. The aim of testnet is to stress-test our technology and to give users more confidence and trust in TomoChain’s proposed blockchain by showcasing real TomoChain use cases.
Testnet 2.0 has so far been well received, and thanks to our vibrant community we have also received a lot of valuable feedback which we are using to improve our products.

There is no doubt that decentralization, scalability and security are some of TomoChain’s top priorities. Through the work we have been doing over the past several months, we feel we are well positioned to play a significant role in the future of blockchain technology, though we realise we cannot do this on our own.

Adoption is an essential factor in determining the success of a project. With no real users or valid use cases, projects have no future. Additionally , there can be no shortcuts when striving for success, particularly in developing fields such as blockchain technology. Hence, we have created a series of incentivized games called “TOMO Hunting Season” and are inviting our community and partners to help stress-test TomoChain Testnet 2.0 as well as raise public awareness prior to mainnet.

 What is TOMO Hunting Season?

Participants, as TOMO Hunters, will participate in 4 mini games aimed at improving the function of Testnet, find any bugs/errors that may have eluded us, and raise awareness of our platform as we lead up to mainnet. There is a total prize pool of up to 25,000 TOMO to be shared amongst successful participants. For more information, refer to the infographic below:

1. Get ready! - Reddit AMA with our Dev Team
  • When: Oct 22nd - 27th
  • How to join: Leave your questions (related to TomoChain technology or testnet) on Reddit thread
  • Link to join:
  • Reward: 500 TOMO
2. Looking for Tomodachi
  • When: Oct 24th - 26th
  • How to join: RT (the tweet will be published on 24th Otc) with a comment: I am joining #TomoHunter #TomoChainTestnet
  • Link to join:
  • Reward: 1000 TOMO
3. MAIN GAME: Let the hunt begin! TOMO HUNTER
4. Tell tales!
  • How to join: Write/Video to review TomoChain testnet (to be updated)
  • Time: 13th Nov – 19th Nov
  • Link: to be updated
  • Reward: up to 15000 TOMO for the most qualified content

 Why should you participate in TOMO Hunting Season?

  • First of all - for FUN and REWARDS! There is a total prize pool of up to 25000 TOMO.
  • Second - we need you. All feedback and suggestions are important to us and will help us achieve our common goal of launching a mainnet which runs smoothly.
  • Third - mainnet is going live inside the next 2 months. This means you have a chance to experience the interface which will be close to the mainnet design.

For real-time support, please join TomoChain telegram chat:

Thank you and Happy hunting!