TomoCoin - ticker is $TOMO - is the native cryptocurrency of TomoChain. TomoCoin will also be protocol token for TomoChain infrastructure. $TOMO is a cryptocurrency of fixed supply, consequently, it is long-term and non-inflationary. $TOMO is important in several dimensions to the Tomo network, firstly, $TOMO will be used as a source of funding to complete the development of TomoChain, and TomoWallet; secondly, $TOMO being used in the Reward Engine/ Ecosystem Building program as an incentive mechanism to build Tomo network community; thirdly, $TOMO being used as a long-term decentralized governance instrument of Tomo network, that means we will build tools to gather opinions from coin holders to decide the future direction of the Tomo network including TomoChain infrastructure, TomoWallet and Tomo application.
You can earn $TOMO from exchanges.
The planned allocation of coin are following:
- 50% of coins going to the token sale participants
- 15% of coins going to the company, advisors and bounties
- 35% of coins going to the Reward Engine/ Ecosystem Building program.
$TOMO is non-mineable cryto.
$TOMO token supply is fixed at 100.000.000 TomoChain in total. The circulating supply is 55.000.000
You can store $TOMO in wallet supporting ERC20 Standard. We recommend to store $TOMO in MYETHERWALLET + TREZOR/LEDGER NANO S + METAMASK + Mist + Parity + Trust.
Tomocoin Token Address: 0x8b353021189375591723e7384262f45709a3c3dc
Token Symbol: TOMO
Decimals: 18
$TOMO only stays ERC20 until the mainnet launch.
We will lock your token before swapping to mainnet, so there are no chance to loose the token. Locking token means you are not able to transfer token to another address.


TomoChain is our blockchain infrastructure solution to the scalability problem with ReplyBlock and with blockchain technology in general. TomoChain is a public permissioned blockchain with integrated smart contract functionalities (currently based on the Ethereum code-base) which allows for nearly zero fee & instant transaction speed with public auditability of financial transaction records. TomoChain opts to use Proof of Authority (atm) and build nodes in multiple locations to make sure the database is in a highly secure, immutable state. ReplyBlock will be the first application utilizing this blockchain infrastructure which later on will be offered to other companies for token issuance and integrations.
Yes, it is. Tokensale information will be available for viewing on ethplorer or etherscan.
The testnet for TomoChain is available at
The demo wallet is available at
Tomochain Testnet Block Explorer:
And you can build a node to join our testnet:
At the moment, TomoChain uses PoA consensus like POA Network does. However, POA uses code base of Parity, Tomochain use code base of Ethereum. Secondly, next year (est time), Tomochain will move from PoA consensus to masternode and POS.
Thirdly, confirmation time if Tomochain for 1 block is 2s while a POA network block requires 5s.
Plus, Tomochain testnet can handle 1000tx.
Initially, regarding PoA concensus, nodes can be chosen by the built-in governance D-app but they will need to pass the technical requirements for scaling of the network.
At the second stage, Master-nodes can be chosen by the network in a trust-less way as long as they hold a sufficient amount of stake and pass the proof of credibility protocol in the governance d-app.
In 2018, Proof of Authority network is run by social consensus. Nodes can be chosen via the governance D-app (decentralized on-chain voting). In the second stage of the main-net, we will move to a Master-node system based on Proof of Stake + Proof of Credibility consensus. As a whole global cryptocurrency system is pretty decentralized with many different blockchain, design, development team etc. For each chain, decentralization is not a binary choice but a matter of where you are on a scale. See this paper on quantifying decentralization by Balaji Srinivasan. TomoChain is designed to have a smaller but efficient number full-node in order to scale better, lower fee and faster confirmation. The chain will still be secure, transparent and fully audit-able.
Private development is done in GitLab which free and more convenient. The codes for cross-chain transfer protocol, updates to Geth codebases.
ReplyBlock is privately developed on Gitlab. But these softwares are actually running on the testnet and production (ReplyBlock) already.
Tomochain, Tomo Governance DApp, Block Explorer publish the source code on: We released ICO smart-contract codes, container codes for building node and joint testnet, slides for tomochain roadmap, cross chain transfer demo codes. It should be clear that we are having private repos, and publish codes publicly when they are ready for public, or need to be audited.
We chose the model our team are comfortable with. Publishing work-in-progress is not suitable for us atm for multiple reasons including inviting unnecessary distractions, designing needs a to be done before coding. Protecting and auditing important codes are also more responsible, until the team reaches a certain scale.
We are also working with some third parties who we signed NDA (non disclosure agreement) for the codes developed.
No, it isn't. Tomochain has its own blockchain.
Tomocoin ($TOMO) is token.
Tomochain is an infrustructure.
Tomochain is an innovative solution to the scalability problem with the Ethereum blockchain in particular and with all current blockchain network in general. TomoChain plans to support horizontal scaling via adding more second layer blockchains with good performance integrated with Ethereum network for backup and atomic cross-chain transfer. TomoChain is envisioned to be a network of chains that supports instant confirmation, near zero transaction fee, and smart contracts which will be an ideal solution for decentralized apps, token issuances and token integrations for small and big businesses alike.

Tomochain has an unique position in which it adds value to the Ethereum's ecosystem by addressing the scalabilty, governance issues while keeping the same smart-contracts and general architecture.
Now we use PoA, next year move to MN and PoS. You can tell the difference and to what extent how decentralized each concesus is. We make sure the quantity is large enough to ensure the decentralization. Plus, $tomo is protocol token that plays a role of governance system. Therefore, Tomochain is decentralized.
The masternode will be live iin 2019 so no information at the moment. Check out this slide for more information about masternode
There are additional services such as token exchanges, cross chain swaps, ICO AirDrop etc. that will generate sufficient revenues for Masternodes.
There will be a staking mechanism that allows coin holders to vote/ stake for the masternodes of theirs choices and receive proportional revenues. These are being worked on at the moment.


Reply Block is the Q&A application for blockchain enthusiatics and crypto advocates. It is rebranded from Tomoapp.
Tomo application refers to all D-app will be built on top of Tomochain in the future. Reply Block is the first D-app built on Tomochain and funded by Tomochain.
We do not and will not discuss anything related to exchanges due to the regulation. We will announce once it's ready.
Presale Price: $0.2
ICO Price: $0.25 = 0.0003125ETH
The management team is 5 people - Check it out Tomo team size is about 25 people now and we are growing the size according to the work volume