TomoChain will be the cryptocurrency native to Tomo application. TomoChain will also be protocol token for TomoChain infrastructure.
Tomo Network refers to a group of products including TomoChain infrastructure, Tomo wallet and Tomo application.
TomoChain is our blockchain infrastructure solution to the scalability problem with Tomoapp and with blockchain technology in general. TomoChain is a public permissioned blockchain with integrated smart contract functionalities (currently based on the Ethereum code-base) which allows for nearly zero fee & instant transaction speed with public auditability of financial transaction records. TomoChain opts to use Proof of Authority and build nodes in multiple locations to make sure the database is in a highly secure, immutable state. Tomoapp will be the first application utilizing this blockchain infrastructure which later on will be offered to other companies for token issuance and integrations.
Tomo knowledge sharing application aims to build a social network focused on video sharing and mobile usabilities, available to anyone, anywhere. Tomo App will take the social network and sharing knowledge aspects of text-driven platforms like Quora and Medium and fuse them with the more mobile-friendly format of short-form videos. It differentiates itself from Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks by using the cryptocurrency TomoChain to reward content and knowledge contributors. In turn, content and knowledge contributors will become early adopters of TomoChain and help to advocate for the value and usage of Tomo network and TomoChain.
You can earn TomoChain by:
1. Join crowd sale at TomoChain website:
2. Contribute to Tomo network/ecosystem - which will be available soon


TomoChain token supply is fixed at 100.000.000 TomoChain in total
The planned allocation of coin are following:
- 50% of coins going to the token sale participants
- 15% of coins going to the company, advisors and bounties
- 35% of coins going to the Reward Engine/ Ecosystem Building program.
Reward Engine will emit coins to users based on the contribution of users to the application. We will have rules to control content quality
TomoChain's price will be determined by the force of market supply and demand. On the fundamental level, demand for TomoChain will be closely related with the popularity and usage of Tomo application and TomoChain infrastructure. Later on, this demand will also increase with the capability of using TomoChain for transactions in physical locations and the successes of other third party applications in the TomoApp and the d-app ecosystem around TomoChain. On the supply side, TomoChain has a fixed supply pre-determined on the issuance day, but only a percentage of the total coin will be released initially to the crowdsale participants.
On Tomo App, we will build these features that you can use TomoChain:
- Set a price for your extended answer to your fans
- Set a price for watching your contents
- Boost a video
- Create a channel and charge a fee to access your channel
- Give virtual gifts to live streamers
- Reward engine integration
- A digital avatar and masks marketplace
- A private messaging system for secure communication
Please wait for our instructions on buying TomoChain in the upcoming announcement. Subcribe to our email list or join Telegram group chat at to receive updates.
On the public sale, we only accept ETH.
Yes, you can. You can do it with wallet support ERC20 Standard like MyEtherWallet
Yes, registration and KYC are mandatory to be eligible to participate in the Token Sale Event, so we can build and maintain a strong community of TomoChain contributors.
You should register only one Ethereum address for the crowdsale.
Your ETH address will be added to the whitelist in the crowd sale smart contract so you are able to buy TomoChain with your wallet.


Yes, it is. Tokensale information will be available for viewing on ethplorer or etherscan.
TomoChain is non-mineable cryto.
But we do have Tomo knowledge sharing application on mobile (iOs and Android) where you can "mine" TomoChain by getting involved, answering questions and contributing content. However, this reward engine is not ready now, it is on our product development.
The testnet for TomoChain is available at
The demo wallet is available at