World Blockchain Forum – Technology Conference 2019

On August 18, the Vietnam Thousand-People Level Technical Conference will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, where 100+ qualified Asian projects, 1,000 leaders, technicians and industrial elites come to explore the historical path of blockchain projects and explore new opportunities for the industry in the near future. The conference will go further on how to enforce the developing momentum of the blockchain industry in Southeast Asia and accordingly to lay a foundation for motivating its application and innovation in Asia.

 Attending this event, TomoChain has 2 representatives invited as honored speakers. Mr. Long Vuong – TomoChain’s CEO – will give a speech on “Building decentralized Web and Token Economy” and Dr. Nguyen Bui – CMO of TomoChain will participate in a panel discussion on the commercial development of the blockchain in the traditional industry.

 TomoChain appreciates this event as an invaluable opportunity to contribute to the overall development of blockchain and to self-define our position within the industry. We look forward to seeing you there!

Event schedule: 

–       Date & Time: August 18, 2019

–       Place: GEM Center, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam​


Key panels:

  The development of blockchain’s application

  Digital assets on Corda

  Perspectives on Libra’s influence on the market

  Integration of emerging industries and blockchain technology

  Building decentralized Web and Token Economy

  Blockchain changes the relationship of production

  Towards Scaling Blockchain Systems via Sharding

  The commercial development of the blockchain in the traditional industry

  The revolution and global insight of blockchain industry

  FCS Building Global Business Ecosystem of Blockchain Game

  Digital economy promotes the development of blockchain industry

  Building up a reliable digital future by utilizing blockchain

  Preview of New York Convention

The event is hosted by World Blockchain Forum (WBF) – a prestigious international forum for Blockchain-related activities. As a global resource aggregation platform, WBF provides media publicity, roadshow and fundraising services for project side only. WBF is committed to becoming the world’s largest blockchain resource aggregator and service provider. Service includes branding, networking, fundraising, liquidity management, global deployment strategy and sustainable value enhancement.