OKEx Vietnam Cooperation Summit 2019

Welcome to the registration page for OKEx Cooperation Summit 2019! 12 projects come up with illutrious speakers and multitudinous partners!

As the first leg of OKEx global conference with the aim of an all-win cooperation outcome, OKEx will hold the “OKEx Vietnam Cooperation Summit 2019” in Vietnam on June 16 (UTC+7).

OKEx will jointly make this meeting a success with its Chief Summit PartnerOntology, Chief Global Promotion PartnersTRON, Capital PartnerGENESIS capital, Qtum,HPB, , Contentos,BLockcloud, Truechain, Coinall, Cocos-bcx, Yeeco,ST Foundation ,Befull, HKDT, Kardiachain, Moviebloc, LTC, Tabtrader, ETC as well as the top crypto Media PartnersCoinMarketCap, TradingView and Cointelegraph. OKEx is expected to create win-win cooperation partnerships with all the stakeholders and jointly explore the South East Asia market.

OKEx has for the first time reached comprehensive partnerships with multiple leading blockchain projects. OKEx will work with the most renowned crypto market participants and business leaders to build a mutually beneficial and win-win blockchain ecosystem, thus pushing forward the sound development of the blockchain industry in South East Asia. Upholding the principle of openness and win-win cooperation, OKEx is willing to share its long-term accumulated resources in South East Asia with its partners. Plus, this summit is expected to provide a platform for all participants to discuss the blockchain solutions and predict the future trend of blockchain technology in South East Asia.

Reasons to Attend:

1. An extraodinary opportunity to connect projects with investors;

2. The blockchain knowledge will be exchanged between experts and project owners in accordance with updates of new trends for coming period of time;

3. The awareness of all participants will be maximized with a full pro-active and interact agenda where everyone can raise their voice and give comments on the projects and discussions.

With our honor Participants:

Host: OKEx

Chief Strategic Partner: Ontology

Chief Global Partner: TRON, Genesis Capital

Partner: Qtum, HPB, Contentos, Blockcloud, Truechain, Coinall, Cocos-bcx, Yeeco, ST Foundation , Befull, HKDT, Kardiachain, Moviebloc, LTC, Tabtrader, ETC

And this is something to notice!

We have a Red Packets Giveaway and some massive Lucky Draw phases during the event are waiting for you!

Not only that we will witness one of the most biggest AIRDROP EVENT from OKEx and other partners, projects which is participating with us!

Total prize come up to 1O.OOO USD!

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