May 2020

Introducing TomoDEX: The whole DeFi ecosystem in your wallet

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May 2020

TomoX, the efficient decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol, is LIVE!

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Mar 2020

TomoChain. Refreshed.

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Feb 2020

Introducing TomoP Public Testnet

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Feb 2020

TOMO Trading Competition on Delta Exchange

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Nov 2019

TomoX Public Testnet – Launch Your Own Permissionless DEX in Minutes

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Sep 2019

Consensus Singapore 2019

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Aug 2019

World Blockchain Forum – Technology Conference 2019

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Aug 2019

Forbes Vietnam Business Forum 2019

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Aug 2019

Blockchain Adoption

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Jul 2019

Vietnam Staking Economy

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Jul 2019

Cointime Summit 2019 ·Vietnam Station

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Introducing TomoDEX: The whole DeFi ecosystem in your wallet

We are delighted to announce the imminent launch of TomoDEX — the first fully decentralized exchange powered by TomoX and run by TomoChain Pte. Ltd. TomoDEX is scheduled to go live on Monday, May 18th, 2020 at 3:00 AM UTC.

Powered by and secured directly through the TomoChain Masternode network, transactions on TomoDEX are blazing fast, all trades are entirely non-custodial, and liquidity will be shared with other TomoX DEXs through a common on-chain order book.
Please note: is the only official website of TomoDEX.






TomoX, the efficient decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol, is LIVE!

Today, we launch TomoX and open operator registrations (first-come-first-serve) for a maximum of 150 DEXs to run on top of this newly launched DEX protocol.

As the Excalibur hard fork sword has been pulled, TomoChain’s network now fully supports TomoX Mainnet updated features.

TomoX is a game-changer, offering the speed and experience of centralized exchanges coupled with the security of decentralization where users are always in direct custody of their funds.







TomoChain. Refreshed.

It’s been 2 years since the completion of the TomoChain ICO, and we are now on the cusp of launching a slew of exciting products geared towards mass-market use. Punctuating this new era for TomoChain and the community is the unveiling of a refreshed logo to carry us forward together.

Presenting the new TomoChain Logo! Clean. Clear. Vibrant.

A New Logo Defining Blockchain’s Future

Maturing into a global blockchain brand is a process, one that requires us to constantly evaluate industry trends and market fit. Refreshing the TomoChain logo was about communicating this focus through a cleaner, minimalistic design — with a dash of fresh color. Let’s break down a few areas we wanted to address.

Removing Token Iconography. 2017–2018 was a popular time to identify crypto with currency symbolism, images of rockets, and to-the-moon memes. Though fond of those memories, we removed the token from the logo in order to position TomoChain as a maturing blockchain technology solution for both DeFi and commercial businesses.

Just the “T”. We simplified the logo to focus on one identifiable letter that is easy to spot. Nothing extra.

2 Colors. No Gradient. The choice of distinct colors allows for a wider range of applications across different physical and digital designs. The color green, specifically, reflects on a company credo towards sustainability that matches TomoChain’s use of an eco-friendly PoS consensus mechanism.

You’ll be seeing the new logo’s influence across iconography for TomoChain’s various products and protocols. And then there are some of our core properties, but we will let you discover all of that for yourself.



Introducing TomoP Public Testnet

Just a month ago, TomoChain revealed the initial design draft for TomoP — TomoChain’s privacy protocol. Today, we are pleased to open another piece of the big puzzle: TomoP Public Testnet is going LIVE at 3:00 PM Singapore time on Saturday, February 29th, 2020.

TomoP — a protocol proposed by TomoChain for private transactions on the TomoChain public blockchain. TomoP allows creating anonymous transactions that hide all related information on value, sender, and receiver’s addresses to preserve the financial privacy of TOMO and tokens holders on TomoChain.

TomoP is the EVM-compatible private transaction protocol with very fast transaction speed that allows anonymizing the transaction sender in a transaction without requiring an intermediary.

Delta Exchange

TOMO Trading Competition on Delta Exchange

Win 2500 TOMO in Prizes!

  • Trading pair: TOMO – BTC with up to 10x leverage.
  • Winning traders will be ranked on their %ROI generated from the trades on TOMO – BTC contract.
  • No KYC needed to participate in the competition.
  • While there’s no minimum trading balance requirement, for ROI calculations starting balance will be floored at 0.02BTC. Starting with balances lower than 0.02BTC will negatively impact your ROI.

TomoX Public Testnet – Launch Your Own Permissionless DEX in Minutes

We are pleased to announce that the TomoX Testnet is going LIVE at 3:00 PM (Singapore time) on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019.

What is TomoX about?

TomoX is a secure and efficient permissionless decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol that empowers a diverse system of DEXs, market-making providers, and independent projects to work together in a decentralized manner. This innovative protocol allows users to launch a DEX (also called Relayer) in just a few minutes without extensive technical knowledge and with minimal development upkeep costs.

TomoX is a layer 1 protocol that is integrated into the core TomoChain blockchain. This will ensure a high-performance experience with fast confirmation times. All DEXs built on TomoX will share the same decentralized order book. The masternodes will provide infrastructure and computation for order matching and execution.


Consensus Singapore 2019

Marina Bay Sands

September at TomoChain opens up with an exciting flight to the Lion City to attend Consensus Singapore, the most anticipated blockchain event in Asia, taking place on Sept 11th & 12th at the Marina Bay Sands.

Consensus Singapore is a part of a larger tech and blockchain-based week called TechXLR8 Asia. Originally hosted in New York City, Consensus has proven its popularity and expanded internationally, starting firstly in Singapore 2018. This year, Singapore will feature 75+ speakers and 50+ sponsors across 2 ½ days of powerful insights, industry announcements, and cross-industry networking opportunities.

What will TomoChain be doing?

TomoChain will be representing in person at booth number CB17. We hope to share our knowledge of the blockchain industry in general, as well as to introduce TomoChain’s different features specifically. We expect direct exchange and communication with all visitors, industry leaders, and different project teams.

We are also very honored to have Mr. Long Vuong, TomoChain’s Founder/CEO, speak on stage on Sep.11th, from 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM. Don’t miss out on Long sharing TomoChain’s important updates and development roadmap with conference attendees.

Any press, bloggers, or influencers that wish a private chat or interview can visit us at booth CB17 as shown in the picture above or contact us at [email protected] to schedule meetings in advance. Our team will be available to answer any questions or concerns at any time.


World Blockchain Forum – Technology Conference 2019

GEM Center, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

On August 18, the Vietnam Thousand-People Level Technical Conference will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, where 100+ qualified Asian projects, 1,000 leaders, technicians and industrial elites come to explore the historical path of blockchain projects and explore new opportunities for the industry in the near future. The conference will go further on how to enforce the developing momentum of the blockchain industry in Southeast Asia and accordingly to lay a foundation for motivating its application and innovation in Asia.

Attending this event, TomoChain has 2 representatives invited as honored speakers. Mr. Long Vuong – TomoChain’s CEO – will give a speech on “Building decentralized Web and Token Economy” and Dr. Nguyen Bui – CMO of TomoChain will participate in a panel discussion on the commercial development of the blockchain in the traditional industry.

TomoChain appreciates this event as an invaluable opportunity to contribute to the overall development of blockchain and to self-define our position within the industry. We look forward to seeing you there!

Event schedule:

–       Date & Time: August 18, 2019

–       Place: GEM Center, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam​

Key panels:

–   The development of blockchain’s application

–   Digital assets on Corda

–   Perspectives on Libra’s influence on the market

–   Integration of emerging industries and blockchain technology

–   Building decentralized Web and Token Economy

–   Blockchain changes the relationship of production

–   Towards Scaling Blockchain Systems via Sharding

–   The commercial development of the blockchain in the traditional industry

–   The revolution and global insight of blockchain industry

–   FCS Building Global Business Ecosystem of Blockchain Game

–   Digital economy promotes the development of blockchain industry

–   Building up a reliable digital future by utilizing blockchain

–   Preview of New York Convention

The event is hosted by World Blockchain Forum (WBF) – a prestigious international forum for Blockchain-related activities. As a global resource aggregation platform, WBF provides media publicity, roadshow and fundraising services for project side only. WBF is committed to becoming the world’s largest blockchain resource aggregator and service provider. Service includes branding, networking, fundraising, liquidity management, global deployment strategy and sustainable value enhancement.


Forbes Vietnam Business Forum 2019

GEM CENTER – No.8 Nguyen Binh Khiem Str., Đa Kao Ward, Dist. 1, HCMCFor

Vietnam Business Forum is an annual event where top business leaders, experts, thinkers and policy makers gathered to discuss on burning issues of the economy and the latest trends in the Vietnam market.Business Forum 2019 is run under the theme “NAVIGATING THE DIGITAL AGE” to answer the big question: “How an open economy like Vietnam will deal with the risks and impacts in the context of international economic and technological upheavals?”

The event is hosted by Forbes Vietnam, a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle. Besides transmitting accurate and timely information about the latest economic developments in the region and in the world, Forbes Vietnam also usually holds many events, conferences with new and diverse topics in order to connect and complete business story for enterprises by creating forums or knowledge playground for young generation – future leaders to communicate, learn and catch business opportunities.

-Event schedule:
Date & Time: 13:00 15/08/2019
Venue: GEM CENTER – No.8 Nguyen Binh Khiem Str., Đa Kao Ward, Dist. 1, HCMCFor more information:×314

Blockchain Adoption

26 Floor, Vietcombank Tower, D1, HCMC

Blockchain Adoption is an event series discussing how cryptocurrencies can be used in real life. From sending ‘money’ in seconds to trading them for goods and services. This is the place for all the crypto enthusiasts to gather together and have a chat, share your thoughts on Blockchain technology and its power in financial systems.

This event is co-hosted by WisePassTomoChain, and Infinito. The co-organizers will share their talks and value experience regarding this crypto investment trend.

Event Schedule
Date & time: 7.00 PM 02 August 2019
Venue: 26 Floor, Vietcombank Tower, D1, HCMC

F&B services are included (free-flow of drinks, canapé)

Confirmed speakers
– Lam Tran, CEO of WisePass
– Nguyen Bui, Director of Partnership of TomoChain
– Jack Thang Nguyen, Director of Infinito

– Kyber Network
– Vietnam Blockchain Community

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


About co-organizers

1. WisePass
Available on both iOS and Android, WisePass is a lifestyle subscription service platform that allows its members to redeem either a lunch, a dinner, a drink (bottle of liquor, Starbucks) or the VIP access to special events in town and more every single day. For only 6 million VND, you’ll be able to enjoy this special service in over 300 venues in HCMC, Hanoi, Bangkok, Manila and soon Jakarta.
Official website:

2. TomoChain
TomoChain (TOMO) bills itself as a solution to the scalability problem on blockchain platforms. TomoChain reportedly features a 150-Masternodes architecture with Proof of Stake Voting (POSV) consensus for near-zero fees and instant transaction confirmations. Security, stability, and chain finality are reportedly guaranteed via techniques such as double validation, staking via smart-contracts, and uniform randomization processes.

TomoChain supports all EVM-compatible smart-contracts, protocols, and atomic cross-chain token transfers. Scaling techniques such as sharding, EVM parallelisation, private-chain generation, hardware integration will be continuously researched and integrated into TomoChain. The project aims to become ‘an ideal scalable smart-contract public blockchain for decentralized apps, token issuance, and token integration for small and big businesses.

3. Infinito
Infinito aims to create a perfect blockchain experience for users, applications, and developers through its product Ecosystem which includes Infinito Wallet, Infinito App Square, Infinito Blockchain Platform, and InfinitoPAY.
Infinito is supporting for more than 15 blockchains and thousands of tokens, 30 DApps, 16 blockchain modules has attracted more than 75,000 active users worldwide amongst 450,000 downloads and gained positive feedback from user community and experts. It is widely appraised for its top-class security features, intuitive UI/UX design, and 24/7 customer support.
Formally known as Infinito Solutions, the company is headquartered in Singapore and part of the Infinity Blockchain Group with offices in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taipei and Europe.
Infinito Wallet:×314

Vietnam Staking Economy

Dreamplex Điện Biên Phủ

About this Event

Vienam Staking Economy is a half-day pannel discussion about the lastest trend in cryptocurrency staking. Staking is a way to earn passive crypto income without the need to own expensive mining devices. The more coins you have, the higher staking rewards you win. With this brilliant concept to solve all the deadpool of Proof-of-Work mechanism, Staking has been most used in new Proof-of-Stake mechanism, and expected to dominate the investment trend in the year of 2019 in the globe.

This event is co-hosted by TomoChain and Hashkey Hub, which both hold great experience in blockchain development and adoption in Asia. The co-organizers will share their thoughts and value experience regarding this crypto investment trend.

Event Schedule

  • Date & time: 9.30 AM 28 July 2019
  • Venue: DREAMPLEX Co-working space, Ground Floor, 195 Dien Bien Phu, Binh Thanh District, HCMC, Viet Nam


  • Nguyen Bui, Director of Partnership of TomoChain
  • Moly , Marketing Director of Hashkey Hub
  • Ivy Qi, Marketing Director of Conflux

1st Lucky

  • Giang Nguyen – Vietnam Country Manager of Cobo Walet
  • John Riggin, Head of International Development of BTC
  • Tuan Le, Sen-Ecosystem: Exchange, Loyalty Points and

2nd Lucky Dr

Panel Discussion:

– Vinh Le, CM of Kucoin, Kucoin Soft Staking

– Giang Nguyen, CoboWallet staking

– Linh Nguyen, KTS group, about Vietnamese Community and Staking

– John Riggin, about Staking Staking

Vietnam Staking Economy gathers together around 200-300 attendees including senior managers of top blockchain projects, analysts, investors, traders, business owners and everyone who deal with cryptocurrency on daily basis.

Key panel topics

  • The rise of staking and masternodes: Market demands, solution and expectation
  • TomoChain Staking Service – the most efficient staking economy in Vietnam
  • Hashkey Hub – One-stop Digital Asset Management Platform
  • Conflux – the next generation PoW blockchain protocol with scalability, security, and extensibility
  • Recent development and new products/services for investors
  • Q&A×314

Cointime Summit 2019 ·Vietnam Station

Hotel Equatorial Ho Chi Minh

Summit Background

With the arrival of a small bull market, Blockchain economy is gradually recovering. The constantly updated technology and gradual improvement of the underlying platform will lead the implementation of blockchain application to more industry scenarios and return to commercial applications.

As we all know, Blockchain policy in Southeast Asia is generally friendly, most southeast countries are encouraging the development of blockchain technology and the landing of financial innovation. Vietnam is prominent among them, the local government hopes to promote the transformation and development of the domestic economy with the help of blockchain technology, which also means a lot of opportunities.

Cointime Summit 2019·Vietnam Station will be held on 25th – 26th July. Focus on the market frontier, driving the industry to land. This summit will be the first of the Jinse Finance & Cointime series summit. Bring the most comprehensive blockchain frontier topics and most valuable news coverage.


l Meet the major exchanges in Southeast Asia and share the new future of the exchange together

l Gathering lots of KOLs from technology develop community

l The developers from the blockchain community in Vietnam brought a feast of blockchain technology to the participants

l In-depth focus on business application、POS、staking economy, DEX, Cross chain technology、Defi、digital asset security and so on

l Global leading companies and Vietnam national payment companies are exploring the new payment landscape in Southeast Asia together

l Local traditional enterprises meet Blockchain companies Explore the breakthrough direction of technology from the real needs of business scenarios


l 5+ Star Projects

l 10+ Traditional Enterprises

l 20+ Influential Community KOLs

l 30+ Top Distinguished Guests Views Sharing

l 40+ Exhibition Booths

l 50+ Investors Deeply Involved

l 60+ Leading Media Tracking Reports

The Most Comprehensive Blockchain Technology Hot Topics

The Most Valuable News Reported

Focus on Key Topics

Redefine the Future Financial Landscape

l Explore Vietnam Blockchain Development Potential from the Perspective of Community Operation and Management

l Defi-Whether it Can Save the Southeast Asia Finance

l How to Leverage Blockchain Services for Non-Bank Users

l The Revolutionary Strength in Southeast Asian Loan Business

l Mobile Payment-Opportunities and Challenges in Emerging Market

The revival of POS Consensus & The Rising Ecology of Staking

l Comprehensive Analysis of Staking Ecological

l DEX-Open a New Trading Era

l Can Wallet Achieve Corner Overtaking with POS Track?

l How to Ensure the Asset Security of Users

l Cross-Chain Technology-Break the Ecological Island of Blockchain Platform

Investor Dinner

Time: 18:30-21:00 26th of July

VIPs Only