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Global Userbase

TomoChain is more than a technology partner. Our large community is comprised of early adopters to many of our clients' solutions including games, tokens, and exchanges.

Included Privacy Option

The TomoChain Blockchain can secure transaction details and keep all customer financial data confidential.

Available Whitelabel Products

Save on time and needless expenses using TomoChain whitelabeled products to build a Wallet or Exchange. Check out some of our products: TomoWallet, TomoDEX.

Near Zero Transaction Fee

1 TOMO can power hundreds of thousands of transactions. Transaction fees can also be paid on behalf of your users, thanks to our advanced TomoZ protocol.

Ultra Fast Transactions

Fintech applications on TomoChain run with the speed of 2,000 transactions per second, 2 second block time, meaning your financial transactions get confirmed within only seconds.


Coin Issuing Service

We can help with issuing tokens for fund raising and for designing the token economic structure to align it with your business goals. Our services include:

- Fund raising consultation
- Token economic consultation
- Smart contract development
- Token deployment
- Token distribution

Fintech Dapp Development

We help you to develop financial applications to enrich your ecosystem:

- Customized crypto wallet to hold your token
- Token Staking Application
- Smart contract Development
- Dapp building

Decentralized Financial Platform

Our team's bread and butter is in building financial platforms. We can help you to build various solutions including:

- Decentralized Exchange
- Decentralized Lending

Crypto Payment Solution

Implement a payment system using TomoChain seamlessly through our user-friendly tools including:

- Stable Coins
- Dapps to purchase goods and services with cryptocurrencies
- Private transactions

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With a complete public blockchain codebase supporting protocols and application-layer projects, TomoChain is the most well-equipped platform for enterprises.

Check out the technologies that brought us to lead blockchain solutions:

Why work with us?

Team of Experts

The TomoChain team is comprised of technical and financial experts with years of experience in the blockchain industry. Alongside our diverse set of fintech products, we are trusted blockchain partners for businesses around the world.

Global Offices

TomoChain is a global company with offices in Singapore, Japan and Vietnam. All client engagements can operate locally or remotely depending on requirements.

Global Partner Network

Our global network of business partners, investors, and technical advisers span multiple industries. The network is a strong asset that can be utilized to support client specific needs. Check out our Partner list.

Solution Partner

TomoChain develops intricate blockchain solutions across multiple verticals. We offer R&D and consultations with our partners to seamlessly integrate next generation blockchain technology into today's infrastructural use cases.

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Personal healthcare data is fragmented, ever-changing, and not always secure. TomoChain's healthcare system records information onto the blockchain that is wholly owned by the patient and permissibly accessible by hospitals and pharmacies.

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Second-hand vehicle valuation is difficult partially because operational history is not recorded during its lifetime. TomoChain's system incorporates IoT technology to tracks vehicle life cycle data across different parties including manufacturers, insurance agencies, police, parking garages, and more.

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Proof of education certification is still largely conducted physically and can take weeks to obtain official records from the source. TomoChain's verification system stores certificates digitally on the blockchain. The data is tamper-proof, easy to verify and accessible by students, institutions and employers.

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Agricultural Transparency is of growing importance as consumers demand insight into where their food is sourced from and under what conditions. TomoChain's traceability system is built to be transparent and immutable across the supply chain, from farm to table.



CEO's message for 2020

CEO's message for 2020

The letter from TomoChain's founder Dr.Long Vuong, covering insights for 2020.
Payment System

Payment System

Building a fast, scalable, regulatory compliant payment processor using TomoP
Digital Money

Digital Money

Crypto Money and Eletronic Money in a new financial system


Singapore-Based TomoChain Launches P2P Lending Feature

Users get a fast trading experience, close to that of any centralized exchange without the downsides of trusting a third party.

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Powered by the scalable TomoChain Blockchain, TomoX is a ground-breaking, secure, and permissionless DEX protocol that empowers anyone to launch their own DEX quickly and without any technical knowledge

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TomoChain offers TomoX, which enables businesses to launch a permission-less decentralized exchange (DEX) within a few minutes.

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TomoChain is offering a scalable platform with its PoS consensus, as well as “GameHub” which offers support for developers looking to build hybrid blockchain games.

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TomoChain have positioned themselves as a foundation for DeFi applications with near-zero transaction fees, fast confirmation times and scalable infrastructure for a new ecosystem of open financial protocols.

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TomoChain announced it has launched TomoZ, an on-chain protocol that aims to improve how people pay transaction fees when sending tokens.

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In the interview, we delved into Long’s background and experience in the industry, so if you are new to TomoChain it’s well worth the read.

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TomoChain, introduced it’s high-performance and anonymous transfer protocol TomoP to the community

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