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Triip Protocol

Triip Protocol, a blockchain network that enables travel service providers to connect directly with travelers in a new, decentralized marketplace that will drive down costs of both client acquisition and travel itself. Pioneered by Triip Pte. Ltd – the sustainable travel tech company.


Bigbom Eco is a dApp developed using ERC-20 technology on the Ethereum platform. Smart-contracts for multi advertising models like CPC, CPM, CPA, CPI, etc. are deployed in Bigbom Eco to deliver the transparency and secure the payments between parties like advertisers, publishers, ad platforms. By integrating with Tomochain technology, Bigbom Eco will have near-zero transaction fee, much higher transaction capacity and faster confirmation time compared to those on Ethereum.

Midas Protocol – Crypto Wallet: Bitcoin, Ethereum

Universal crypto wallet and intelligent platform for all crypto traders


Fair games that pay Midas Cash. Provably fair bets backed by transparent open-sourced contract.


Provably fair bets backed by transparent open-sourced contract No sign-ups or deposits, just 3.8% edge, charity and jackpot! Developed by Midas Protocol

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