A social gaming arena where players can play directly against each other or in a group. TomoBowl is also a dApp fully integrated in Midas wallet.


MaxBet by PigFarm team aims to become a new standard dice game run on TomoChain. Instead of having a single host, there can be multiple hosts, namely stakers, staked into the gaming smart contract.

Tomo Building

Purchase your own Tomo apartment or own the whole building for more rewards! every time someone purchases the price is increased by 1.5x When somebody purchases your apartment you automatically receive 85% of what they paid meaning you will receive nearly 2x profit. Also if you own an apartment and someone else apartment gets sold you earn a 2% commission. If you own the building you get 10% commission on every sale!


Purchase T3D tokens with $Tomo and earn passive income every time someone buy’s or sell’s T3D tokens via our built-in exchange.


Living together with Tomochain for eternity, be rewarded for life and honored by all Tomosapiens. The TomoChain Hall of Fame – Tomodome uses on-chain storage for your brand, each piece of land on the dome is tradable Non Fungible Token with high resales value, settled autonomously by smart contract, showing the Tomochain Powerhouse.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a mobile wallet app that allows you to send, receive and store cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Designed with a focus on simplicity, this open-source wallet aims to provide a platform that’s easy and straightforward to set up and use