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The people behind TomoChain come from diverse backgrounds and stand by a common philosophy about a decentralized future powered by blockchain technology.

TomoChain ecosystem is pioneered by TomoChain Lab, TomoMasterDAO, and the community of TOMO token holders


Singapore-Based TomoChain Launches P2P Lending Feature

Users get a fast trading experience, close to that of any centralized exchange without the downsides of trusting a third party.

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Powered by the scalable TomoChain Blockchain, TomoX is a ground-breaking, secure, and permissionless DEX protocol that empowers anyone to launch their own DEX quickly and without any technical knowledge

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TomoChain offers TomoX, which enables businesses to launch a permission-less decentralized exchange (DEX) within a few minutes.

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TomoChain is offering a scalable platform with its PoS consensus, as well as “GameHub” which offers support for developers looking to build hybrid blockchain games.

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TomoChain have positioned themselves as a foundation for DeFi applications with near-zero transaction fees, fast confirmation times and scalable infrastructure for a new ecosystem of open financial protocols.

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TomoChain announced it has launched TomoZ, an on-chain protocol that aims to improve how people pay transaction fees when sending tokens.

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In the interview, we delved into Long’s background and experience in the industry, so if you are new to TomoChain it’s well worth the read.

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TomoChain, introduced it’s high-performance and anonymous transfer protocol TomoP to the community

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